All qualified psychotherapists and counsellors, as well as those still in training, are required to have regular supervision of their client work. This necessitates attending a clinical supervisor at least once monthly or more, depending on caseload.

Supervision involves reflecting on therapeutic work from different professional and personal viewpoints. It ensures practitioners work ethically, are effective therapeutically, maintain clear professional boundaries in their work with clients, and are well supported.

A requirement of practice

As a qualified casework supervisor, I provide individual and group supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists, as well as others whose work benefits from being professionally supported.

During supervision, all aspects of the counsellor or therapist’s work, and other external factors that might affect their performance, can be explored. When discussing individual cases, practitioners are expected to maintain the client’s confidentiality throughout.

Finding a good match with a supervisor is very important, as having our working practices evaluated can be potentially shaming, as well as being insightful. With this in mind, I offer an initial 30-minute consultation session free of charge to assess whether working together could be productive.

There is no obligation, but if you would like to commit to on-going supervision after this, a contract would need to be completed. You can read and download that here: supervision contract. My fees for supervision are £40 to £60 for one-to-one and £30 for group sessions.

The whole point of supervision is to enhance how you do your work and how you enjoy your work.Gaie Houston
When therapists [seek change] they play one side of the internal battle of the patient, and thereby lose the possibility of helping the patient to integrate the split.Gary Yontef