Single Session Humanistic Therapy

It is not widely known that over the last decade several studies indicate that the most common number of therapy sessions attended by clients is just one!

How then, if we consider this concept of providing a single session, do we adapt it to a humanistic perspective, which values connection and process rather than an exercise in finding solutions? In this experiential workshop, I plan to explore the single session format from a humanistic perspective, and I will offer some gestalt ideas.

Workshop details


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  • Date: 3rd August 2019 | Saturday 1:00pm to 3:45pm

  • Cost: £50 (deposit not required but see booking policy for terms)

  • Venue: Toxteth Library, Windsor Street, Liverpool, L8 1XF (parking nearby)

I’m an accredited gestalt therapist, working part-time for Liverpool University and in private practice. 25 years ago I trained in person-centred counselling, and practised and taught this approach for several years before training in gestalt psychotherapy.

In my role as a counsellor in the university, I provide single session therapy sessions to students, and have developed the use of this format successfully into my private practice.

While this CPD workshop is best suited to counsellors and trainees from a humanistic theory background, practitioners from other approaches are welcome too.

Booking policy: I don’t ask for a deposit, just a commitment that you will attend. You pay the full amount on or before the day of the workshop, either by cash or bank transfer. However, if you book a place and then cancel more than 48-hours before the workshop’s start time, you’ll be required to pay half the cost. And if you cancel within 48-hours of the workshop starting, or do not turn up on the day, you’ll be required to pay the full amount.

For more information on my workshops, please see the main page here.

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